Final Registration for Model AIRSHIP REGATTA & Competition

Opening on 14th April 2022

Quick Guide for registration

!!! Read this section and make sure all your requirements are in order well before the opening of registration !!!

  1. Registration will be done via a google form, which shall be made available on this page on 14th April 2022.

  2. The maximum number of teams will be limited to 25. Only one Team from each institution will be permitted, on a first come first serve basis. Other team(s) from an institute will be allowed to register, if seats are available.

  3. Each team can consist of up to 4 members.

  4. The registration fees per team is Rs. 5,000/- excluding 18% GST and any bank transfer charges.

  5. Those who would like to witness the Regatta can register as Attendees, by paying Rs 1000/- per head per day excluding 18% GST and any bank transfer charges.

  6. The Registration Fee includes a fixed volume of Helium per team, and Refreshments for two days (25 and 26 June 2022).

  7. Provision of Accommodation: We are approaching the institute for provision of shared accommodation in the hostels of IIT Bombay to the outstation participants. The charges for the same and the procedure will be indicated at a later date.

  8. When to make payment? Payment is to be initiated only after receiving an email confirming registration from the organizers. Once an email is sent from the organizers, payment has to be made within 7 days from the email date. This is to maintain a first come first serve process making sure no teams beyond the first 25 teams make an unnecessary payment. (Teams will need to intimate successful payment via email and await a confirmation response from the organizers)

  9. Payment made in the favour of: Recipient account details shall be sent only in the email from the organizers. 7 days are being given to teams to make payment after receipt of this email.

  10. Teams who have not filled the pre-registration form may still be allowed to fill the final registration form. Incase we receive more than 25 registrations, we would limit number of teams participating from a single organization/ institute to one.

Final registration form

Incase the registration form is not showing below. Click here. We have been informed that certain browsers are giving viewer issues.