Key details

Note: This is just a quick access to understanding the competition. Actual details are given in the rulebook.

Hosted by IIT-Bombay
A CIAM Open International Competition Approved by FAI

Venue: IIT-Bombay, Kho Kho Indoor Stadium

Dates: 25th and 26th June 2022

An attractive prize money pool to be declared shortly.

Airship specifications

Airship must be electric

No more than 1.4 kgs when weighed fully ready to fly without the lifting gas

Airship must be marginally negatively buoyant.

Competition Task

Complete three figure of eights around the pylons

Faster you go, higher chances of winning.

Detailed rules

Detailed rules can be downloaded from our downloads page

Registration and logistics

Registration begins on 14th April 2022

Details can be found on our registration page