National Level Competition on

Emergency Rapid Deflation Device

(ERDD - 2023)

25 - 26 March, 2023

Lighter-Than-Air Systems Laboratory

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, India

About the Competition

Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) systems occupy a niche in Aerospace systems owing to their special capabilities, such as the ability to stay aloft even when stationary, owing to the force of buoyancy. Airships and Aerostats are two applications of this technology that are finding increasing application worldwide for many tasks such as aerial surveillance, wireless communication, product promotion, and long endurance high altitude platforms.

ERDD stands for Emergency Rapid Deflation Device which is present in Lighter-Than-Air Systems as a safety device. The purpose of the device is to release the LTA gas in an emergency, to descent the LTA system i.e Airship/Aerostat to descent to ground at a controlled rate. This competition aims for the design and fabrication of an ERDD which will be tested based on its efficiency, time effectiveness and reusability.

Competition Outline

This competition is proposed to be conducted in two stages which are described below:

Stage 1: The participating teams need to submit a detailed report based on their approach to the problem statement keeping in mind the design and structural constraints. Based on the technical content and proposed plan of action some teams will be shortlisted for the final stage.

Stage 2: For this stage, the teams shortlisted have to fabricate and demonstrate their final prototype at IIT Bombay. Based on the final scores obtained by each team, the top three teams will receive cash prizes.

Competition Timeline

Problem Statement

ERDD 2023 Problem statement .pdf

Expression of Interest

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